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HR Manager, WellingtonNZ (Former)

Robyn from Courageous Conversations NZ moved a number of face to face workshop onto a Zoom platform during the COVID 19 lockdown period for WellingtonNZ. I attended some of these sessions and they provided a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I learnt so much from these interactive sessions which delivered great tools and frameworks for having courageous conversations. Plus allowed participants to practice conversation techniques, get feedback and explore the courses content is a safe setting.

Robyn is a great presenter who delivered a fit for purpose workshop that received great feedback from participants, whilst using an online platform for delivery– thanks Robyn


Director, Hardcases

I am always happy to refer my clients to Robyn at Courageous Conversations NZ. In both her difficult conversation and conflict management coaching Robyn offers empathy, encouragement, reality checking and flexibility. She role models impressive courage and integrity, ensures that her client’s opinions are valued and honoured, and openly shares her extensive knowledge and effective strategies. My clients are in good hands!


Chief Technical Officer, Storypark

The development of skills and conversations from Robyn's courageous conversations training started even before we had the workshop. We were asked to fill out a survey that provided us each our predominant communication style(s), which we still frequently refer to since as a way to build empathy.

The workshop was well facilitated, collaborative, and held in a safe setting, and we all came away with multiple new tools, techniques, and ideas on how to constructively have difficult conversations.


People & Organisational Development Manager, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

Robyn has been awesome to work with, she is extremely personable and responsive. Robyn listened to me and was able to help unpack my needs to turn it into a really practical Courageous Conversations and Assertive Communication workshop for the Mental Health Foundation. I will work with Robyn in the future and would highly recommend you to do so to!


Centre Manager Michael Park Kindergarten

SEANZ board member

Difficult conversation and conflict management coaching from Robyn of Courageous Conversations NZ has given me valued insight into how I can safely surface potentially challenging situations and respond effectively.  Already I am using new skills to get alongside colleagues, teachers and whanau. 

I have previously had coaching so I asked Robyn to push me out of my comfort zone. She absolutely did while making me feel empowered and supported.  Robyn is skilled, capable, and professional. 


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